New Lube Resources!

At Smitten Kitten we’ve been working hard to bring you the most up-to-date and thorough¬†information on lube safety. Along with our pamphlet¬†Lube! An In-Depth Look at Personal Lubricants¬†we’ve created these Lube Guide PDFs as a free, downloadable resource for every body.

Lube Guide – Every Body Edition

Lube Guide – Low Estrogen Edition

Lube Guide – Butts Edition

You’ll notice there are three editions: one that’s for every body, one for vagina owners experiencing lowered estrogen levels, and one for butts. We’ve created these three options based off of our most commonly asked lube related questions. If you have lube questions that aren’t answered through our resources, or think we should make another Lube Guide special edition, please let us know!

You can also tune in to Tristan Taormino’s Sex Out Loud Podcast, where Smitten Kitten’s Sarah E. Mueller is interviewed about personal lubricant safety.

If you have any questions about personal lubricants or our educational resources that you’d like to ask Smitten Kitten about, please email